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Fight a "fire" with a real hose and real water!

Refuge Fireside Exhibit will be found at the San Bernard Headquarters Campus.   Reservations are not required.  

Learn from the Refuge Fire Staff about the importance of and techniques in utilizing prescribed fire as a tool to improve habitat quality, cycle nutrients, manage invasive species and reduce hazardous fuels on Refuge lands.   Posters will describe the importance of the fire management program in restoring and maintaining quality wildlife habitat on our Mid-Coast Refuges.

In addition, children of all ages can participate in a wildfire suppression demonstration.

Kids will be outfitted with firefighting equipment (hard hat and fireproof jacket) and will help battle a simulated brush fire with a real fire hose attached to a reel.   They will use the hose to "fight" the fire (i.e., a picture of a fire on a guy wire) and push it back to its source   This exercise will be complete when the fire is put out (pushed back to its source).   Smaller "spot" fires sometimes flare up and must be extinguished as well.

Due to the amount of water, the area will get muddy so older shoes are recommended for the participants.